MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard):

Timber Panel Products’ MDF products are manufactured from the sustainable plantation Radiata pine forests of North East Victoria that reach maturity in about 25 years.

Medium Density Fibreboard is viewed favourably as a substitute for tropical hardwood which can take 200 years to reach maturity.  Premium MDF has excellent strength, high quality, surface smoothness and stability and superior edge profile. The surface can be painted to achieve a high quality finish and provides a uniform substrate for overlaying. Some applications included Doors, Craft & Shopfitting.

MDF Weight Charts (pdf).

Moisture Resistant MDF:

Moisture Resistant MDF is made suitable for a comprehensive range of interior uses excluding situations of exposure to water or prolonged high humidity such as in shower cabinets or saunas.

Recommended uses are for kitchen units, benchtop substrates, shelving, cupboards and internal wall panelling, standard bathroom vanities and washtub areas.

MRMDF Weight Charts (pdf).

Alpine MDF Industries

Alpine MDF Safety Data Sheet pdf).

Specialty Doors