Particleboard is manufactured from managed and renewable plantation pine in a range of thicknesses and sheet sizes. Its fine, uniform surface makes it an ideal substrate for laminating or veneering and is suitable for building panels, benches, shelves & partitions. Particleboard is available in many sizes and thicknesses from 9mm to 33mm the comprehensive range allows economic cutting of boards.

Particleboard is easy to work with normal woodworking tools as it has no grain direction so there is the same strength and appearance in all directions. The fine surface layers are also pre-sanded, ready for painting or laminating. Particleboard is available in two grades, standard and moisture resistant substrates, making it ideal for Cabinetry.

Particleboard is also available surfaced with a white decorative paper.

Two finishes are available in white.

  • Velvet – a delicate eggshell surface
  • Décor – a lightly dimpled texture

Various sizes are available in both white & standard particleboard.

Particleboard Weight Charts (pdf).