Structural Plywood

Structural Plywood:

Structural Plywood is manufactured to AS/NZS 2269 from softwood veneers manufactured with an “A” grade marine glue bond. It is available in grades based on face and back veneer quality from B to D, with a minimum F8 stress grade. Structural Plywood is a very stable and workable type of plywood The most common grades of structural plywood available are BB, CD, CC, and DD. Structural Plywood has proved to be both safe and reliable when used in commercial and industrial buildings, and is easily designed to resist the high loading criteria required by the building Codes. Its resilience and strength have been utilized in storage decks, truck floors and flooring in sporting complexes and agricultural buildings. Plywood flooring systems are a real cost effective alternative to suspended floors in such applications.

BB Grade Structural Plywood:

Is an appearance grade suitable for high quality paint finishing. This face veneer quality should be specified for applications requiring a high quality paint finish.

CD Grade Structural Plywood:

Is non appearance grade plywood with a solid surface. All open defects such as knot holes and splits are sanded and filled on the face of sheet applications requiring a non decorative surface such as Hoardings, cubbies and plywood flooring that are to be overlaid with a decorative floor surface.

CD Plywood

CD Plywood

DD Grade Structural Plywood:

Is a non appearance grade with permitted open imperfections with limited number of knots and knot holes. DD grade Plywood is the lowest appearance grade plywood. Applications include bracing & furniture casing.

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Bracing Ply

Bracing Ply

Here’s a practical example of the use of structural plywood: RAL Kit Homes